Facial with extractions

The Promotion:

Facial with extractions is our promotion for this time period. Any one who schedules an appointment for our introductory Facial, called Facial for Radiant Skin, will automatically be upgraded to allow for extractions. Normally, extractions are not included in the Facial for Radiant Skin. From now until May 14th, enjoy the benefits of a higher priced Facial,($85.00) and only pay  the lower priced Facial fee ($75.00.) This offer of Facial with extractions does not apply to Facial for Mature Skin or Facial for Problematic Skin.

More information:

Facial with extractions makes some people very nervous. They think it will hurt and cause the skin to redden and look inflamed.By the time they’ve changed out of their Spa robes and made their way to the cash out, most of the redness has gone away. It is amazing to see how much debris comes out of the pores. Most people don’t realize how much product residue gets into the pores.Some times their surprised when they can see how much is on the two tissues. Trained Estheticians know how much pressure to apply and which areas generally need looking at. While some types of skin offer real challenges in this area, other types of skin need hardly any maintenance.

Suggestions for Services:

Possibly a Pedicure? Wearing shoes all day, makes for very dry feet. Relaxing and enjoying a Spa Pedicure makes a whole lot of sense. Maybe a facial with an exfoliation masque is needed. Perhaps it’s time for some waxing services. You may also just need some down time. Why not come in and enjoy relaxing at the Spa while you receive one or two services from a Spa Package. But wait… a really good way to make yourself feel better, is to give someone a Gift Certificate for Spa Services from James Barclay Spa Salon and really make their day Great!

Lotion being wiped off during a facial at a beauty spa.
Extractions being performed during a Facial.