See Your Elemental Nature

What’s your elemental nature?

The balancing power of Elemental Nature

Aveda’s spa philosophy begins with Elemental Nature, a unique way of understanding your bodies needs that is grounded in the science of Ayurveda. Ayur means “life,” and Veda means “Knowledge.” Ayurveda believes that the essence of five natural elements (infinity, air, fire, water and earth) are found in all living things, including you.

The skin and body reflect the balance of these elements. When skin or other physical concerns surface, it could be a signal that an element is out of balance. Elemental Nature helps you restore balance through appropriately diagnosed product systems, a balanced diet and regular wellness activities. The result is healthy looking, balanced skin and radiant beauty.

Balancing the five elements is the heart of the Elemental Nature philosophy. Our diet,lifestyle, job, relationships or any part of daily life can impact these five elements and cause an imbalance. The reason for the imbalance is based on the principle of “like qualities increase like.” So if a person eats heavy, processed foods, the elements of water/earth (which are heavy) would increase and become imbalanced. The imbalances are revealed through varies mind, body and skin conditions.

There are many ways to evaluate the five elements in your body. One of the primary ways is to make an appointment in our Spa as a guest and come in and enjoy some of the many wonderful services that we offer.Before we start most services, we usually ask the guest to fill out the Elemental Nature questionnaire. Once the information is gathered from the questionnaire plus the consultation with the esthetician, the right element choice for you will become clear and this makes it easier to choose which Aveda product are best for y0u.

Air earth fire infinity water


Take the quiz to find out you nature, and then select the corresponding element icon above to learn how to practice the best self-care methods for you.

  1. What is your skin type?

  2. What is your complexion?

  3. What is your skin texture?

  4. What are the biggest skin challenges you face?

  5. What are your usual energy levels?

  6. What is your response to stress?