Gift Ideas

Relax while you sip on a cup of Aveda’s “comforting Tea” or while your soaking in a warm bathtub using Aveda’s ” Stress Fix Bath Salts.” Before bed time every night, apply Aveda’s ” Hand Relief ” or ” Foot Relief.” James Barclay Spa/Salon has lot’s of ways to indulge your self in some self care!

Looking For Winnipeg Spa Gift Ideas?

Rather than giving someone a gift of money value, surprise them with a gift of suggested Spa Services. This offering may include services they’ve not experienced before.

Keep in mind, the Spa Package can be broken up and spread over multiple visits. The services can also be substituted for whatever they wish.

For the sender, the bonus is not only are you getting a grouping of Spa Services at a much reduced rate, but there is also no Sales Tax if purchased in the form of a Gift Certificate.

Winnipeg Spa Gift Certificates can be purchased in the form of on- line Gift Certificates  or by calling our Salon or drop by in person.

More self care! Relax while gently brushing and massaging your hair and scalp using Aveda’s Pramasama scalp cleanser. Have an Aveda 50 hour Candle on while you relax and enjoy your evening.

Spa Gift Ideas for people in Winnipeg or coming to Winnipeg

Natural Companions – $82.00

Aromatherapy Pedicure and Aromatherapy Manicure.

Soothing Escape – $105.00

Regular pedicure, one-hour massage.

Discover Relief – $110.00

Facial For Radiant Skin, Regular Pedicure.

Feel Renewed – $125.00

One Hour Massage, Pure Essence Body Wrap and Scrub.

Beauty and the Body – $130.00

Facial for Radiant Skin, One Hour Massage.

 A Touch of Relief – $135.00

One Hour Massage, Regular Pedicure, Regular Manicure.

Create Tranquillity- $135.00

Regular Pedicure, Regular Manicure, Facial for Radiant Skin.

 Sense of Indulgence- $175.00

Regular Pedicure, Pure Essence Body Wrap and Scrub, One Hour Massage.

Find Serenity- $175.00

One Hour Massage, Regular Pedicure, Facial for Radiant Skin.

  A Natural Revival– $195.00

Pure Essence Body Wrap and Scrub, One Hour Massage, Facial for Radiant Skin.

 Sensory Revival – $200.00

Facial For Radiant Skin, Regular Pedicure, Regular Manicure, One Hour Massage.

 Rejuvenation- $285.00

One Hour Massage, Regular Pedicure, Regular Manicure, Facial for Radiant Skin, Pure Essence Body Wrap and Scrub.




For more gift-giving ideas, be sure to check our other services such as body treatments, facials, relaxation massages or a treatment series. Or, a Winnipeg gift certificate lets the recipient select from any of our spa services and Aveda products.



Your gift of a spa package will be entered on one of our gift certificates. Gift certificates can be picked up, mailed, emailed or sent by courier (same-day delivery if sent before 1:00 p.m. and within Winnipeg city limits).

As the recipient of a gift certificate, you can substitute any other spa services you wish. You will receive a credit or pay the difference if the price of the substitute service is more or less than the gift certificate value.


For your convenience: The services in a spa package may be scheduled over more than one session.

Cancellation Policy: At the time of booking, a credit card number is required for services of two hours or more. We require 24 hours cancellation notice and, if less than that is given, a 50% fee for the services booked will be charged. If a gift certificate is being used for services, then a 50% fee will be taken off the value of the gift certificate if less than 24 hours notice is given.