Winnipeg Spa Services

spa services on a regular bases.

We offer many different Winnipeg spa services at our spa  salon in our downtown Winnipeg location. Learn more about each of our Winnipeg spa services by visiting their individual pages. For pricing information on all of our Winnipeg spa services, please check the list below. Find us at barclay spa salon for bi-weekly and monthly offers. Also follow us on Instagram @ james _barclay_spa.

Full Service Price List



Spa Packages


Warm The Senses Spa Packages

Natural Companions – aromatherapy manicure, aromatherapy pedicure.

Soothing Escape -regular pedicure, one hour massage.

Discover Relief -facial for radiant skin, regular pedicure.

Feel Renewed-pure essence body wrap and scrub, one hour massage.


Calm The Mind Spa Packages
Beauty and the Body -facial for radiant skin, one hour massage.

A Touch of Relief -regular manicure, regular pedicure, one hour massage.

Create Tranquility -facial for radiant skin, regular manicure, regular pedicure.

Sense of Indulgence -regular pedicure, pure essence body wrap and scrub,
one hour massage.


Sooth The Body Spa Packages
Find Serenity – facial for radiant skin, regular pedicure, one hour massage


A Natural Revival- facial for radiant skin,pure essence body wrap and scrub, one hour massage,

Sensory Revival- facial for radiant skin, one hour massage, regular manicure, regular pedicure.

Rejuvenation- facial for radiant skin, one hour massage, pure essence
body wrap and scrub, regular pedicure, regular manicure.



Body Wraps and Scrubs

Body Wraps
Pure Essence Body Wrap and Scrub

Rosemary Mint Body Wrap and Polish

Beautifying Body Wrap and Polish




Facial Services
Facial for Radiant Skin

Facial for Self Renewal

Facial for Problematic Skin

Facial for Mature Skin



Manicures and Pedicures

Manicure Services
Regular Manicure

Aromatherapy Manicure

Paraffin Manicure

French Manicure

Pedicure Services
Regular Pedicure

Aromatherapy Pedicure

Paraffin Pedicure

French Pedicure




Relaxation Massage
90 Minute Massage

60 Minute Massage

30 Minute Massage




Facial Hair Removal
Brow design  $15.00 and up
Brow tint

Lash tint

Face  $25.00 and up
Upper lip

Chin or cheeks

Men’s brow grooming

Body Waxing
Arms – Half

Arms – Full

Legs – Half  $30.00 and up
Legs – Full  $55.00 and up
Underarms   $20.00 and up
Bikini  $35.00 and up
Brazilian  $60.00 and up

Back  $70.00 and up
Chest  $70.00 and up