Winnipeg Spa Packages

We offer Winnipeg spa packages at our central location in downtown Winnipeg to help you look and feel your best.  Winnipeg spa packages combine multiple treatments and services into one discounted price. Special offers are available!

Warm the Senses Spa Packages

Promotional priced Spa Packages.
Our lest time consuming Spa Packages. Spa Services from all Spa Packages can be received over multiple visits.

Natural Companions

2 hours and 15 minutes, $86.00

What goes better together in your Winnipeg Spa Packages than a Manicure and Pedicure. After the cuticle work is done, warm aromatic oil are applied to the hands and feet, followed by an application of heat. When the skin on the hands and feet are soft and moisturized and before the nail polish is applied, a firm massage is applied to both hands and feet. What an experience.

Soothing Escape

2 hours, $113.00

Before you receive your one-hour Massage, you will select an aroma from Aveda’s Singular Notes collection. This aromatic oil is mixed with the massage oil. After you are fully relaxed from your massage, you will receive a regular Pedicure to complete the service.

Discover Relief

2 hours, $113.00

Before you receive your Pedicure, enjoy relaxing on the facial bed, nestled between cotton sheets with a white towel covering your hair. The smell of Aveda Aromatherapy is all around you and as your face is cleansed, toned, massaged and hydrated, enjoy the soft music in the background.

Feel Renewed

2 hours, $135.00

A Pure Essence Body Wrap and Scrub  plus a one-hour massage is integrated into one continual service. First, the body is exfoliated from neck to toe, then your one-hour massage is enhanced with an aromatic oil chosen from the Aveda Singular Notes collection. After the massage, a customized blend of warmed plant and flower oils are gently massaged into the body and you are cocooned in hot aromatic towels and sheets and wrapped in several heat retention blankets. While the heated oils are detoxifying and softening the skin you will receive a complimentary scalp massage and facial cleansing, toning and moisturizing. As a finishing touch, you will receive an application of lip tint that has an SPF of 15 to protect the lips from sun damage.

Calm the Mind Spa Packages

Mid priced Spa Packages.
Our mid priced Spa Packages. If purchased in Gift Certificate form, No Sales Tax!

Beauty and the Body

2 hours, $140.00

Experience a Facial for Radiant Skin with Aveda’s professional-only products that contain tourmaline, a natural energized mineral. This rejuvenation facial encourages the skin’s own natural process through refining products, leaving skin with visible improvement. To further relax the entire body, enjoy a one-hour massage.

A Touch of Relief

2 hours and 45 minutes, $141.00

Relax and enjoy a one hour full Body Massage and personalize it with your choice of scent from the Aveda singular note collection. You can also add the same scent to your regular Manicure and regular Pedicure that also comes with this Spa Package.

Create Tranquility

2 hours and 45 minutes, $141.00

Experience a Facial for Radiant Skin using the tourmaline-charged products and receive customized care during your regular manicure and regular pedicure.

Sense of Indulgence

3 hours, $183.00

A rejuvenating exfoliation of the body using “loofah” gloves is followed by a relaxing one-hour massage to improve circulation. Enjoy a Pure Essence (calming) Body Wrap. A great way to enhance your sense of well-being is finishing with a regular pedicure.

Sooth the Body Spa Packages

A collection of our most luxuriant Spa Packages. The ideal gift for yourself or that someone special.

Find Serenity

3 hours, $183.00

After the relaxing and soothing Facial for Radiant Skin and a one-hour full-body massage, finish this wonderful head to toe Spa experience with a regular Pedicure.

A Natural Revival

3 hours and  $210.00

After the relaxing and soothing Facial for Radiant Skin, plus a one hour full body Massage, complete the experience with a Pure Essence  Aromatic Body Wrap and Scrub.

Sensory Revival

3 hours and 45 minutes, $216.00

The most popular package of all. Because they go so well together, enjoy the Facial for Radiant Skin plus a one-hour body Massage first, followed afterwards by a regular Manicure and Pedicure.


4hours and 45 minutes, $286.00

This is the ultimate spa package. It consists of a Facial for Radiant Skin, one-hour massage, Pure Essence Body Wrap and Scrub, and finally, a regular manicure and pedicure.

Additional Information

For your convenience: The services in Winnipeg spa packages may be scheduled over more than one session.

Cancellation Policy: At the time of booking Winnipeg Spa Packages, a credit card number is required for services of two hours or more. We require 24 hours cancellation notice and, if less than that is given, a 50% fee for the services booked will be charged. If a gift certificate is being used for services, then a 50% fee will be taken off the value of the gift certificate if less than 24 hours notice is given.