facial waxing for facial hairs
No matter how light or dark the tiny facial hairs are, a professional waxing will remove them and keep your moisturizers and sun block from clumping. The removal is fast and simple.

Waxing Facial Hair

Waxing Brow design $15.00 and up
Brow tint $15.00

Lash tint $20.00

Face $25.00 and up
Upper lip $15.00

Chin or cheeks $15.00

Men’s brow grooming $15.00

Body Hair Removal
Arms – Half $25.00

Arms – Full $35.00

Legs – Half $30.00 and up
Legs – Full $55.00 and up
Underarms $20.00 and up
Bikini $35.00 and up
Brazilian $60.00 and up
mens waxingMen’s Waxing Services

Back $70.00 and up
Chest $70.00 and up


Waxing services for some will require a consultation first. Please contact us to find out how much these services will cost. The initial consultation is complementary. An appointment for a service is always best. However, because we live in such a busy world, if you find that you have some down time and are near by, feel free to drop in. We can always work you in.

Going to the beach or maybe going South for a warm holiday? Possibly your involved in sports. What ever the reason, feel  stress free knowing whenever your walking along a beach or lying next to a pool, you can be confident because you received your Waxing services.  For men, facial hair is very popular, however, back and chest hair is still perceived as unattractive.Because of the amount of hair on most men and the time needed to remove it, the fee is a bit higher.


* What’s the difference between a Brazilian and a Bikini?

With a Bikini wax, hair is removed from all areas below the panty line (including the inner thigh area) and the area above the top of the panty. With a Brazilian wax, all hair is removed from the front, back, and bottom of the genital and rectal areas.