Manicure with Gift

Close-up of beautiful female hands.
Look at my Manicure…I’m so happy.

The offer:

The single service offer until June 30th, (or while supplies last) is for every person that visits us at the Spa Salon and receives a Manicure, will also receive a trail size of Aveda Hand Relief. If it’s a skin moisturizing Paraffin manicure that you like, then your probably already aware that the heat generated from the Paraffin is really great for sore and aching hands. Possibly it’s a clean looking and elegant French Manicure. (My favorite.) Or maybe it’s our most luxuriant Manicure,” The Aromatherapy Manicure.” Aromatic oils combined with an application of heat and an extended hand massage makes this a fabulous experience. Be sure and watch this site for coming news about Aveda’s new launch of Tulasara Skin Care Products. This launch will bring it’s own new Manicures. This offer is good with the purchase of a single service Manicure only.

The Promotion:

A special offer that runs all year long is our 25% off single services. It’s quite simple really.  You pay for three single services, then receive four of the same services. An ideal gift giving solution. Enter one per Gift Certificate or all on one. Give the four services away to whomever or however you want to give them. Possibly to co-workers for jobs well done. If you know some one who gets the same services all the time, then this offer is the perfect gift.

Suggestion for Services:

Possibly it’s our basic Facial that you’re interested in. It’s called Facial for Radiant Skin. We also have a Facial for Self Renewal which has extractions (removal of debris from pores.) Another Facial we have  is a Facial for Mature Skin.

Choosing to get Waxing services? We offer a full menu of facial and body hair removal. In body Waxing, the area is powdered,waxed and then a cooling moisturizer is applied to minimize irritation.