Gift Certificate draw in March

Once received, a Gift Certificate builds a mental Spa experience for the recipient.
Once received, a Gift Certificate builds a mental Spa experience for the recipient.

The Offer

Exciting News!  All first time guests that come to enjoy Spa services at James Barclay Spa Salon, will have their name entered in  a draw. A $100.00 Gift Certificate will be awarded to the lucky recipient. Here’s an opportunity to receive even more relaxing and de-stressing Spa services. After winning the Gift Certificate, it is possible to pass it on to someone else. Give it to a special someone as a gift for any occasion. The draw will be made on March 31/16.

How to Qualify

Any Spa service will qualify you for this Gift Certificate offer. Given the time of year, maybe you just want a Manicure. Hands and nails are really dry and brittle. A  professional Manicure using only Aveda Skin and Body Care products is recommended.


Possibly a Pedicure? Wearing shoes and stockings all day, combined with having the heat on in our buildings, makes for very dry feet. Relaxing and enjoying a Spa pedicure makes a lot of sense. After the nails are trimmed and filed, the callous from the bottom of the feet is removed. After the nail and callous work is completed, then Aveda balancing oils and Foot Relief is applied. The oils and Foot Relief are then gently massaged all over the feet. Pure bliss!

Perhaps a Facial is needed. Facial skin can become quite flaky during winter months. Exfoliation masques are used to clean away the dry skin and make the face glow. Choose a Facial that comes with extractions. This means cleaning the debris out of the pores because they become clogged with facial oils and even some of the creams we put on our face.

You still have time to contact us and schedule an appointment. Check our daily posting on facebook at barclay spa salon. You can also phone us at 204-943-3652