Bikini Brazilian waxing for holidays

Thinking of heading to a sunny place soon? Getting a Bikini or Brazilian Waxing service before you leave makes good sense. Taking away the worry before you go walking or strolling along  the beach makes for a more enjoyable vacation. We also offer complete waxing services for facial and body hair removal. Our Bikini or Brazilian waxing services are fairly priced because  we’ve taken the average  price of the same waxing services at Spas  around us. All possible steps are taken to reduce skin irritation.

For Men’s under arm, back or chest,the same procedure for Bikini or Brazilian waxing is used. The area to be worked on is first powdered to help protect the skin from the wax. The wax is applied to small areas as this reduces the discomfort greatly. Finally a cool moisturizer is applied to help minimize the irritation. The fee for men’s  waxing services depends a lot on the amount of hair to be removed. This effects the amount of time needed to properly remove all of the hair. The price may vary from person to person.

See us at James Barclay Spa Salon for all your waxing  services
See us at James Barclay Spa Salon for all your waxing services

What’s the difference between a Bikini or a Brazilian waxing service. With a Bikini wax, hair is removed from all areas below the panty line (including the inner thigh area) and the area above the top of the panty. With a Brazilian wax, all hair is removed  from the front, back and bottom of the genital and rectal areas. While these two waxing  services may not be for everyone, they are still our most requested waxing services. Maybe that’s a compliment to our waxing Esthetician “Marjorie”