Black Friday -Parade – Gift Sets

lilidayNew from Aveda

Holiday gift sets from Aveda will be arriving soon. After a few years absence from our spa/salon, we decided to bring back the gift sets. We are  going to focus  mostly on the skin and body care lines. This is the first year that Aveda is featuring limited edition aromas in some of their better known skin and body care gift sets. The limited edition gift candle this year contains certified organic ginger,ginger lily and clove
Black Friday,the U.S. equivalent to Boxing Day, is making it’s presents felt in Canada. When I post Novembers  News from Aveda, I will post the date for our Black Friday 20% off sale 

 Reasons to come downtown

The farmers market that was held outside of the Hydro building wrapped up at the end of September.It was held every Thursday starting around 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. It was great to go out at break time and pick up fresh vegetables.   I could not resist the home baked pies and pastries. There talking of making it an all year around event because it was so successful. I wonder where they would house it during the winter?
Did you know that there are 14 restaurants and coffee shops in a 5 block radius of our spa/salon. Starbucks,Second Cup,Tim Horton’s and Subway just to name a few. Most are catering to the noon hour crowd with great soups and the largest selection of sandwiches and wraps imaginable. If your coming downtown to shop or for an appointment, keep this in mind.
The Santa Claus parade is coming! It’s by far the biggest event in the downtown area.We don’t get to see the parade thru our spa/salon windows because we’re a block away on Graham ave, but the excitement of the crowds passing by on their way to the parade  is contagious. Even as an adult, I can feel the happiness of the children and the thrill of maybe catching  sight of Santa! The parade is always on a Saturday near the end of November. Watch for it.
Products we love

October is breast cancer awareness month or in our acronym riddled world it’s B.C.A. month. Aveda has decided to release a limited edition of it’s hand relief featuring rosemary mint aroma. $ 4.00 of purchase price from the hand relief  goes towards breast cancer research. Be sure and check this site during November and December to find out which of your favorite Aveda skin and body care products plus the hand relief, will appear in the holiday season gift sets.I should mention that these limited edition skin and body care products plus the hand relief, can be purchased separately.