Water Elemental Nature

Your Nature

Water Elemental nature is very compassionate – with a great capacity for love and nurturing. You learn new information slowly but have a good memory. When balanced, you are strong, outwardly confident, thoughtful, considerate and consistent. When out of balance – needy and prone to depression. Water elemental nature is the element associated with the sense of taste.

Water Nature is the lubricating and connecting energy. The Water element lubricates joint,the digestive tract and the respiratory tract. The energy of water helps to hold the body together. It is the glue that governs the interaction of all five elements. It also governs our relationships and connections to others.

Skin Condition – Oily/Acne

When balanced, your skin has a smooth texture, even tone and naturally large pores. Generally, you have no or few wrinkles. When out of balance, you experience frequent breakouts on the face and neck. You are prone to black heads or acme and blemishes. You are given to poor circulation, oiliness of skin, occasional puffiness and fluid retention. Also when out of balance, you may feel a lack of energy and no motivation, plus fluid retention.

Self-Care Techniques

Open up your sense of taste with gentle massage:

  • To relieve sinus congestion (a common Water element imbalance that affects the sense of taste), place thumbs under cheekbones – about a finger-width away from nose – and rub in circular motions.
  • Massage the area between your nose and mouth with the four fingers of both hands. Using circular motions, begin at the centre and work your way to the periphery. Repeat 7-10 times.


Skin and Hair Care

Please visit our salon to discuss our recommendations for products that are best suited to your Water nature. We can advise you on basic beauty routines and specialized care that are tailored especially for you.

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