Your Elemental Nature: Infinity

Your Nature

Your nature has an open mind and thinks quickly and often. When balanced, you are warm, outgoing, energetic and ambitious. When out of balance – nervous and unfocused. Infinity is the elemental nature  associated with the sense of sound.

Skin Condition – Normal to Dry

When balanced, your skin is supple and radiant. When out of balance, you experience occasional dullness and spot dryness. Skin texture is generally thin.

Self-Care Techniques

Tune into your sense of sound by giving yourself an ear massage:

  • To increase circulation and improve balance – press area around ears several times with your index, middle and ring fingers.
  • To release tension – massage your ears and temples in circular motions for a minute or two with index and middle fingers.


Skin and Body Care

For normal to dry facial skin type, an elemental nature  facial is recommended. With the help of the information taken from the elemental nature questionnaire, the esthetician will choose certain products from the various lines of  Aveda skin care. Aveda also has a complete  line of body care products. When your feeling out of balance, please visit our salon to discuss our recommendations for product usage that is best suited to your Infinity nature.

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