Fire Elemental Nature

Your Nature

Fire elemental nature has a sharp, intellectual mind. You have strong views, argue your opinions well and are very ambitious. When balanced, you are independent, self-reliant, a great leader, focused and decisive. When out of balance – short-tempered, irritable, impatient, showing frustration and angering easily.Indigestion and vision problems are always a challenge. Fire nature creates heat, which is a catalyst for change or transformation. Therefore, Fire is responsible for all chemical, physical and mental transformations in the body. One of the most important functions is digestion,the transformation of food into energy.Fire is also responsible for body temperature, the coloration of the skin and both intellectual and visual perceptions. Fire elemental nature is associated with the sense of sight.

Skin Condition – Sensitive

When balanced, your skin is warm and radiant. When out of balance, you are prone to sun damage, allergies, breakouts, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Skin tends to be soft and fine.

Self-Care Techniques

Nurture your sense of sight by massaging the regions around your eyes:

  • To relieve stress, close your eyes, cover with the palms of your hands and hold. Breathe in deeply. Exhale completely. Repeat.
  • To release tension, keep eyes closed, press firmly on the bony ridge of your upper eye socket with your index, middle and ring fingers. Move from the inside out; then gently press the bone beneath the eye. Repeat.


Skin and Body Care

For sensitive facial skin types, an elemental nature facial is recommended. With the help of the information taken from the elemental nature questionnaire, the esthetician will choose certain products from the various lines of Aveda skin and body care products. When your feeling out of balance, please visit our spa salon to discuss our recommendations for product usage that is best suited to your fire nature.




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