Earth Elemental Nature

Your Nature

Earth elemental nature is stable and holds firmly onto beliefs. You have an excellent long-term memory. When balanced, you are caring, dependable, calm and function best with a solid routine. When out of balance – sluggish, tired and resistant to changes. Earth elemental nature is associated with the sense of smell. Earth elemental nature is solid and stable. Earth is responsible for the structure and stability of the body. It gives mass to the bones,muscles and organs and creates a protective layer around the organs, brain and spinal cord. Because of it’s heaviness, it creates grounding sensations in the mind.

Skin Condition – Normal to Oily

When balanced, your skin is smooth, hydrated and soft. When out of balance – prone to occasional breakouts and shine caused by oiliness in the skin. You generally have no or few wrinkles. Your pores tend to be large which is why black heads will form. Your complexion is also prone to acne and blemishes.

Self-Care Techniques

Energize your sense of smell by taking an Aveda Sensory Journey:

  • To eliminate fatigue and feel mentally refreshed, inhale the Singular Note that brings balance to your day.
  • While breathing in this aroma, inhale slowly and deeply, filling first your lower rib cage, then chest area and finally your collarbone area. Exhale in reverse – emptying first your collarbone area, then chest and finally your lower rib cage. Repeat four or five times – slowly and systematically – without holding your breath or pausing.


Skin and Hair Care

Please visit our Spa Salon for a consultation  to discuss our recommendations for Spa services  and chose from our line of Aveda products that are best suited to your Earth nature. We can advise you on basic beauty routines and specialized care that are tailored especially for you.

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