Your Elemental Nature: Air

Your Air Nature

Your nature has a creative mind. You learn new information rapidly, but tend to forget things easily. When balanced, you are inventive, energetic, open to new experiences, adaptable and a great conversationalist. When out of balance – anxious, talking too fast and too much, forgetful and indecisive. Air is the element associated with the sense of touch.

Skin Condition – Dry/Dehydrated

When balanced, your skin is smooth with small pores. When out of balance, it’s tight and flaky with little perspiration. Skin is generally thin and is prone to fine lines.

Self-Care Techniques

Connect with your sense of touch by giving yourself a body massage:

  • Apply an Aveda Personal Blends Massage Formula or an Aveda Composition oil to your body.
  • Using circular motions on joints – and back and forth motions between joints – begin massaging your neck and shoulders.
  • Work your way down your body – using clockwise motions on abdomen, back and forth motions on back, and deep rubbing motions on feet.


Skin and Body Care

Aveda has really good Skin Care and Body Care lines. Take the time to fill out the Elemental Nature questionnaire. It may help guide you to the right family of products in the Aveda lines. Whether it’s skin or body care  products your interested in, a little guidance is always helpful. Even if it’s just mature skin, Aveda has a skin care line called Green Science. It was formulated to help smooth out fine lines. If it’s problematic skin that is the issue, then the product line to look at is called Outer Peace.Please visit our spa salon to discuss our recommendations for products that are best suited to your Air nature. We can advise you on basic beauty routines and specialized care that is tailored especially for you.


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