Aveda Products

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Aveda’s “Skin Care Products”

Being consistent is so important in maintaining good skin care. There should be no breaks or time off from it. Also, letting your skin get accustomed to a particular brand of skin care goes a long way in achieving the goal of great looking skin. Come, see us and let us introduce you to Aveda’s line of ” Skin Care Products.”


Say farewell to frizzy hair if your near dampness or humidity while using Aveda’s “Be Curly” hair care product line. My personal favorite is “Be Curly Curl Enhancer.” It intensifies curl and combats frizz. The wheat protein and organic aloe infused styling creme expands when hair is wet and retracts when hair is dry to intensify your curl or wave. Try some soon!



Aveda’s new fall and winter “Makeup Collection”

Aveda has just launched it’s new “Birds of Paradise” autumn and winter 2017 makeup collection!g!  Consisting of 4 eye shadows, 1 face accent, 2 rehydrating lip glazes and 2 moisturizing lip colors. The ingredients for all of the makeup pieces  are sourced from farms  around the world  that grow their crops on land that is 100% organic, meaning pesticide free for seven years.


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