About Us


Here’s your chance to show Mom the appreciation she really deserves. Nothing else will say it quite as well as a Spa Gift Certificate. For the entire month of May, we’re offering what might be considered the best Spa Package of all because it contains all of the most popular services and at a much lower price. The Spa Package has in it a Facial, a Massage, a Manicure plus a Pedicure. An extra feature is, the Package can be used over multiple visits. For more details and pricing, see further under “Special Offers.”
Also, from May 15th until the 31st, our Bi-monthly promotion is pay full price for a Pedicure and add on a Manicure for only $15.00. Both the Monthly and Bi-Monthly promotions can be purchased anytime as a Gift Certificate and there is no Sales Tax.

James Barclay Spa is nestled in the heart of Winnipeg’s vibrant downtown area. It is located on Graham Avenue which runs parallel to Portage Avenue, making it accessible to the coffee shops (Starbucks, Thom Bargen) restaurants (Subway) shopping mall, department store (Hudson Bay) and medical buildings that surround us. In addition, we are a half block from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. Often, the young members of the Ballet can be seen walking in the area. James Barclay Spa is only five or six minute walking distance from all the major hotels and the Convention Centre. James Barclay Spa faces the Medical Arts Building surface parking lot which provides a parking option for our customers.

Our spa is located in one of the few older apartment blocks still left in the downtown area. Built around nineteen-twenty, the seven-inch thick plaster walls lined with brick keeps the traffic noise down.This is what allows us to have a quiet Spa setting in spite of Graham Avenue being a Metro Transit bus mall. Since the spa is an apartment, the walls create a sense of privacy and a warm quiet atmosphere. The sunlight streams in through our southern facing windows thus creating the ideal lighting to show off our hardwood floors. The natural lighting also comes in very handy when you are helping a guest choose a makeup color.