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Facials really make my skin feel amazing.

Facials really make my skin feel amazing.

The Service:

Facials received on a regular bases have certain benefits that soon become apparent. Extractions during the Facial is most important because the oil on the skin  gets into the pores. If left there, blackheads and pimples will soon make their appearance. Exfoliating the facial skin should be a big part of the facial procedure as this is how old skin cells get removed. I’ve seen peoples faces almost glow when they come out of the facial room. Call us today and schedule some time with Marjorie. Facials are her most reguested service.

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Find Relaxation:

Come in for a Spa Package of your choosing. Once you’ve changed out of your clothes, put on one of our Spa robes and are relaxing between the sheets on our spa bed, you’ll begin to feel relaxation set in and stress fade away. Taking the time to calm your inner being and restore balance to your body will pay back big rewards for you. There’s great savings  if multiple services are purchased as a Spa Package. If time is a challenge, remember that all Spa Packages can be spread over more than one visit. Check our Website for a listing of our Spa Packages at www.james barclay spa salon.com