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I love my every six weeks Facial. It makes my skin feel so ...

I love my every six weeks Facial. It makes my skin feel so …

Facial in Spa Package.

The offer:

Facials should be a big part of your grooming habits. If time is a challenge, then think about combining a Facial with another service that you need as well. We offer a wide range of Spa Packages and a number of them offer a Facial as well as one or two other services. Earlier in the month, we were promoting a Spa Package called “Discover Relief”  which featured a Facial plus a Pedicure.While this is one of our more popular Spa Package, it is available all year round.

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A Story:

Horst and his team at Aveda had a lot of foresight right from the beginning. Before they had even written their Mission Statement, they were already practicing it. They were showing environmental leadership and responsibility by using the natural oils from organically grown crops and this was a high priority right from the start. What organically grown means is that any ingredients used in Aveda products must be grown on land that has been chemical and pesticide free for 7 years. In theory, this is a great idea. Now imagine for a moment if suddenly there is a drought or flooding or even civil unrest. Keep in mind, a lot of the oils come from under developed countries all over the world. One of the biggest things I admire about the Aveda company, is their willingness to stand by their principles and absorb the millions of  dollars lost each year as they search the world for replacement oils. Can you imagine the tension within management that following these principles would cause.