James Barclay Salon and Spa

If given as a Gift Certificate, the recipient will think you're fabulous!

Spa Gift Certificates when given,makes the recipient think you’re fabulous!

 Spa and Downtown Winnipeg Aveda Retailer

Spa Salon called James Barclay, is nestled in the heart  of Winnipeg’s vibrant Downtown area within a short walking distance of all major Downtown Hotels and the Winnipeg Convention Center. We provide a full service Day Spa that offers Pedicures, Facials,Manicures and all types of Waxing services in the Downtown area. Gift Certificates and Spa Packages are also available.As an Aveda Concept Spa, we use only Aveda Products and we strive for the highest customer satisfaction possible. We invite you to call at your convenience and book an experience with us.

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An observation:

It’s not to soon to start talk about Christmas and Gift Certificate giving. Have you noticed Christmas is starting to show up everywhere. Maybe because a certain portion of the population leave around this time of the year to go South.Whether a Spa Package is given as a gift or you have chosen  to enjoy the experience yourself, you’ll be glad you chose a one or two hour Package. Once you change out of your clothes, put on one of our robes and are relaxing between the sheets on our  bed, you’ll begin to feel relaxation set in and stress fade away. Taking the time to calm your inner being and restoring balance to your body will pay back big rewards for you. There’s great savings if multiple services are purchased as a package. If time is a challenge, remember that all packages can be spread over more than one visit. Check our website for a listing of our packages @ www.jamesbarclayspasalon.com